Newborn Starter Kit

What products are in a Newborn Starter Kit?

The links in the description are from the book by Alberta Health Services called The Early Years. This book is now online at You can find the Feeding Your Baby section here:  Feeding Your Baby and the Newborns: Birth - 2 Months section here: Newborns: Birth - 2 Months.

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1) WubbaNub

Only after having a baby here again, did I remember how many times I would be on my hands and knees looking for a soother. Never again!! These are your little one's first stuffy and you can always find their pacifier if it has fallen out of their mouth! *These are to be used only during "observed napping or awake sucking. For night time sleep, use a pacifier without the plush". *Kit may contain a different plush than a unicorn.

This is the link for Eyes, Ears, Nails & Mouth



2) Hello Bello Everywhere Balm

Vaseline has been used for years on new little bums especially when dealing with those first meconium poops. But now there is Everywhere Balm, it is plant based and made with organic coconut, chamomile and tamanu oils. Use Everywhere Balm with each diaper change, it will make diaper changes easier!

This is link for Diapering

3) Hello Bello Premium Shampoo & Body Wash - Gentle Sweet Cream

We use this shampoo in our home! It is gentle and ultra mild on sensitive skin, plant based, tear free and suitable for newborns. It's made with jojoba seed oil and a blend of botanical extracts.

This is the link for Bathing



5) Safety 1st Nail Clippers

Babies nails grow really fast and they are sharp! It's important to keep their nails short so they don't scratch their face (which they are prone to do when very young). Take your time cutting their nails, if you rush you may accidentally nick their skin. Some people find it easier to cut newborn nails when they are asleep.

 This is the link for Eyes, Ears, Nails & Mouth


6) Safety 1st Brush & Comb

The soft brush is great if your newborn ends up with cradle cap. Cradle cap causes crusty or oily scaly patches on a baby's scalp. Don't try to pick them off. Instead, rub some baby oil (or another infant oil) on the patches and then take the brush and make gentle circular motions over the cradle cap. This helps to loosen the scales and then simply shampoo your baby's hair to remove the oil.

This is the link for Common Parent Concerns (includes cradle cap)



7) Fridababy 3-in-1 Nose, Nail & Ear Picker

This was an invention unlike anything I've seen before. Between this and the Fridababy Snot Sucker, we were able to keep our baby's nose free of wet and dry snot. This really helped improve their breathing by keeping those tiny little passages free of debris.

8) Q-tips

I've included a very small box of Q-tips as you can use these to clean the base of your baby's cord with just some water. Dry the base as well as you can before covering it up with their diaper and sleeper.

 This is the link for Umbilical Cord Care

9) Peas in a Pod - Body Lotion, Baby Bum Spray & Bum Balm

This line of organic products are made right here in Calgary. I have heard rave reviews about Peas in a Pod and I was excited to support a local business too! The Baby Bum Spray is to help clean your baby's bum especially if you don't use wipes. The soothing Bum Balm is for diaper rash and other bum ouches!



 10) Plus a couple little 'extras' for your little lovey!


**If you would rather the 'old standards' you can swap some of the plant based or organic product for non.

Instead of the Peas in a Pod Body Lotion, I have Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream.

Instead of Hello Bello Everywhere Balm, I have Vaseline


Instead of Peas in a Pod Bum Balm, I have Penaten