Amazing Mama Starter Kit

What's in an Amazing Mama Starter Kit?

The links in the description are from the book by Alberta Health Services called Pregnancy & Birth. This book is now online at You can find the Pregnancy and Birth section here:  Pregnancy and Birth and the Postpartum section here: Postpartum.

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1) Haakaa

This silicone breast pump is the latest 'must have' for breastfeeding moms! Once attached to your breast using suction, it gently draws out your milk. You can also use it to catch the milk leaking out of one breast while your baby is nursing on the other!



2) Lansinoh Breast Pads and Milk Collection Bags

Lansinoh disposable breast pads are the best in the industry. They are very  absorbent and they hold the milk well without leaking out and making your bra and shirt wet. Box will contain 50 breast pads.

Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags allow you to easily save and/or freeze your milk as you pump it. A wonderful invention!



3) Reusable Breast Pads

This kit has one set of unbleached cotton breast pads and one set of bamboo nursing pads with a waterproof PUL layer. If you love these pads, you will be able to purchase more for $6.50/set.

Materials: Unbleached Cotton, Natural Cotton, Organic Bamboo Fleece, Microfleece. 4.75 inches in diameter.



4) Peas in a Pod Nipple Balm

Our Nipple Butter is a rich, natural ointment made with organic Cocoa, Shea & Mango butters. It soothes, nourishes and moisturizes sore and cracked nipples. Safe for both nursing mamas and babies, a little of our butter will go a very long way.

This is the link for Breast Care for Non-Breastfeeding Moms

This is the link for Breast Feeding Challenges


5) Peas in a Pod 'Sittin' Pretty' Perineal Spray

A soothing mist that helps ease discomfort of postpartum soreness and swelling, episiotomies and hemorrhoids. Made with all-natural ingredients, including astringent witch hazel, antibacterial lavender, and cooling peppermint pure essential oils. Cucumber peel extract gives this spray a slight colour, and is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This natural extract is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes essential for strong cell growth and repair.



6) Postpartum Epson Salts with Calendula & Rose Petals

Soak your bottom and your tired muscles with epsom salts mixed with calendula for added healing properties and rose petals for their aroma. *sigh*

 This is the link for Perineal Care


7) Mesh Panties and Peri Bottle

You will get these at the hospital after delivery. The mesh panties, however 'attractive', are the most comfortable underwear you will ever wear, never mind stylish! I have included 5 pairs for you to have once you are at home (you'll thank me)!
The peri bottle is an absolute necessity but you can leave the one from the hospital there. After having a baby, your bottom will be sore and you won't want to be wiping the same way as before. You can use this bottle both while you are peeing and after. Just fill it with warm water and gently spray to dilute your urine as you pee, it will make it easier. When finished rinsing off, just gently pat to dry.

This is the link for Comfort for Other Physical Changes


8) Natracare - Maternity Pads

As you will not be able to use tampons (or want to) for around 6 weeks, these pads are a necessity. You may continue to have discharge or flow from your vagina for up to 6 weeks. This flow is from the uterus shedding the lining it built up for the pregnancy. See the link below for normal and abnormal flow parameters set out by Alberta Health Services.

 This is the link for Vaginal Discharge


9) Thayers - Pad Liners (with Witch Hazel)

You can use these if you have hemorrhoids and/or to sooth your tender lady bits. The cooling sensation will be a welcome relief and for even more cooling, store the pad liners in the fridge. Witch Hazel is know for it's anti-inflammatory properties.