Who is behind the Babies & Bottoms?

I have always had a passion for newborns and their parents. This led me to be a Registered Nurse on the PostPartum Unit at Foothills, where I saw too many families leave for home, needing more preparation than they had. While there, I also became a Prenatal Class instructor so I could teach parents more about what to expect during labor, birth and directly after.

After I had my first child (and 3 more after), the idea behind Babies & Bottoms came to me because I didn't really know what was best or most practical to use. I wanted to help new parents feel prepared and supported for those first few days at home by offering 'Starter Kits' of items that are necessary and practical. Using what I had learned to 'pay it forward'!! 

In these Starter Kits, you will find some items that are made in Calgary and other items from small businesses, as I believe it is very important to support others. I am so excited to offer these to you and I hope you find these items as useful as I, and many other women did!

I'm expecting things to change both in the kits I carry and the individual items I offer as time goes. I do promise though, that any change will always be for the better.

Enjoy this incredible journey!